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September 7th, 2009

A Labor Day Message: Putting Iowans Back to Work

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Written by: The Iowa Republican
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strawnAs the son of a farmer and the grandson of a John Deere factory worker, I have a profound appreciation for the men and women whose labors have not just made our state prosperous historically, but helped make Iowa a leader in feeding the world.

Whether someone earns their living breaking our fertile soil, working on the shop floor, or sitting behind a computer, there are some truly unique characteristics to our people and our workforce that deserve to be celebrated this Labor Day weekend.

Having spent some time after college living and working outside of Iowa, I can personally testify to the notion that a specific “Midwestern work ethic” is a reality. Iowans don’t watch a clock to see when the workday is done; the workday is done when the job is done.

Unfortunately, while the work ethic of our fellow Iowans is as strong as ever, the opportunities to display those traits and earn an honest day’s wage for an honest day’s work continue to disappear in our state. As Iowans prepare to celebrate Labor Day weekend, we still have more than 100,000 of our friends and neighbors who are out of work and struggling to make ends meet. While those of us blessed to be earning paychecks in this economy are grateful, we ache for those Iowans who still wait for their next opportunity to put their skills to work.

And while the debate over putting Iowans back to work should be one in which all Iowans can work together, Governor Culver and majority Democrats have chosen a different path. They believe the path to putting more Iowans back to work means increasing the size of the state workforce, forcing generational debt on our citizens, and creating new regulatory and tax hurdles for small business.

Simply put, Iowa deserves better.

Today, my message to Iowa Republicans, and all Iowans, is my commitment as a leader in this state to work tirelessly with our legislative leaders for common-sense solutions for righting the Iowa economy and putting Iowans back to work.

Did you know the vast majority of new jobs are created by small businesses (those businesses that employ fewer than 50 people)? Sometimes we get so focused on chasing those one or two companies that promise jobs in the hundreds that we ignore the thousands of Iowa entrepreneurs and small business owners who have the capacity to create thousands of new jobs, one or two at a time.

Iowa Republicans are truly the champion of small business owners and entrepreneurs – and just as important, the champion of the hard-working men and women those businesses employ. Our efforts to limit taxes and remove regulatory burdens to growth are fuel to the engines of small businesses and our commitment to free markets provide a level playing field for entrepreneurs to succeed.

The working men and women of Iowa have a friend in the Republican Party of Iowa and we will do our part by recruiting and electing candidates who share our vision for growth and opportunity; and, in true Iowa fashion, we won’t stop until the job is done.

Matthew N. Strawn
Republican Party of Iowa

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