July 15th, 2009

Dorman Disses TIR Poll

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

Apparently, some left-leaning mainstream media types (and one less-than-credible blogger) are taking issue with the TIR poll results showing that 67% of Iowans want the opportunity to vote on a traditional marriage amendment.

They are upset that TIR’s poll question asked whether Iowans should be able to vote on this issue, not how each particular poll respondent would vote on the issue.

If I were going to respond to the unhappy Mr. Dorman, here’s what I’d say.

I think you are looking for something to be critical about because you don’t like the outcome of the poll. Your scenario puts the cart before the horse. Why bother finding out how people would vote before finding out whether they even care if they get to vote?

Further, there are some interesting implications contained within this criticism. Your desire for a more direct question on how people would vote in an election for a pro-traditional marriage amendment implies that, perhaps, not all people who want to vote on this issue are supportive of such an amendment (i.e. that the 67% figure implies inflated support for the amendment).

But what is implicit in that is an acknowledgment that even people who support gay marriage think this is a matter for the people, not the courts to decide… that even many in the pro-gay marriage crowd think the court overstepped its bounds here.

Further, the quote from the One Iowa people in the article you cited by Mr. Lynch is laughable.

“At a time when Iowans are losing their homes and rebuilding after last year’s devastating floods, we should focus on issues of common concern to all Iowa families such as the economy, health care and education, rather than focusing on divisive issues and amending the constitution to hurt a number of Iowans,” One Iowa Executive Director Carolyn Jenison said Monday.

The gay rights crowd had no problem using valuable state resources (i.e. the court system) to get their way on this issue. Now, they don’t want others to be able use state resources to have their voices and opinions heard on this issue that is so central to the fabric of our society? And they’re using the economy as an excuse for this?

Let’s be honest. One Iowa doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the economic crisis. They just don’t want the gay marriage issue revisited because they’ll lose. And if they did care so much about the economy, they wouldn’t be advocating positions that will further drain state government and businesses (via same-sex partner benefits) and unhealthy lifestyles that will put further pressure on our healthcare system.

Mr. Dorman, you want to claim that this poll is not telling the whole story? That’s fine, but you’d better acknowledge that you’re not being completely honest either. Based on your writings, you appear to be highly biased on this issue. At least TIR is using scientific data collection methods to form its hypothesis. You, on the other hand, use individual speculation and armchair analysis based on nothing but what you want to be true.

I think I know which one is more believable.

Besides, if Iowa is such a progressive state as Mr. Dorman and so many other liberals keep telling us, why are they so scared of a vote on this issue?

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