May 7th, 2009

20 Questions

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Written by: Constitution Daily

questionmark2With the radical liberalism brought to us by all levels of government and the media, I believe we are currently living during a turning point in our country. We have clear choices to make to either stem the tide of liberalism or revert back to what this country was built on. If it isn’t redefining marriage, it’s socializing banks. Conservatives are getting hit from all sides on social and fiscal issues.

I think Republicans are lacking a clear end game to each issue we debate. We can all repeat the talking points but we all know that is a fairly shallow approach. And our talking points are often defensive not offensive. In politics, defense doesn’t winelections.

I am offering some questions to ask yourself and your liberal friends the next time you are discussing politics.

1.      Where in the Constitution does it say “separation of church and state?”

2.      At what instant does life begin?

3.      Why is it alright for someone to vote to take someone else’s money?

4.      For the wealthiest, what tax rate is too high? (Britain’s richest are taxed at 61.5%)

5.      What government department are you proud of?

6.      Out of each dollar you make, how much of that goes to taxes? (Figure it out sometime, you won’t be happy!)

7.      Have you ever donated money to the federal or state government? (Ask those who are in favor of tax increases)

8.      How much illegal immigration is too much?

9.      Why is it the government thinks it can make better education decisions than the parents or teachers?

10.  Whatever happened to the 10th Amendment?

11.  Is it possible to spend your way out of debt?

12.  Why do you have to balance your budget but the government doesn’t have to?

13.  Who is most qualified to make healthcare decisions for you?

14.  Who should have control over your contributions to social security?

15.  How big is too big to fail?

16.  Do corporations actually pay taxes?

17.  Why would anyone want to tax productivity?

18.  Has the government ever helped you make money?

19.  Has the government hindered your ability to make money?

20.  Whose marriage are you willing to restrict?

Feel free to answer any of the questions in the comments section. I’m also willing to add to the list. If we can get our side to better understand and articulate our issues, we will have a better chance of advancing our cause.

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