October 2nd, 2009

10 Questions: It’s October, Will Branstad Announce?

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Written by: TEApublican

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As we await the fulfillment of Iowa radio icon Steve Deace’s prophecy of Branstad’s imminent return that is possible in October one question remains and 9 others follow.  Question #1: Do we really need Branstad to save the day?  Assuming you say because he can win and beat Culver, then good answer, but you need to think farther than that.

Just be careful what you wish for. The person who beats Culver will be our next governor. Yikes, the last time our country voted for the hyped hope of “vogue” popularity as a priority over substance we got stuck with Obama for president.  I respect the role Branstad has played in Iowa’s history and I’m not saying he does not have substance, but it’s that same history that prompts me to question things like what type of substance we are looking at here.

I must confess that despite the fact you probably will not believe me,  I do claim to be a time traveler.  It actually helps my gas mileage if you don’t believe me and just take it as a joke.  So play along with me here as there are stringent rules to such a hobby.  No one is allowed to reveal what is seen in the future to those living in the present.  That would be a galactic ghost buster gone wrong gaff like crossing the rays.  Believe it or not please understand as a time traveler while I can’t flat out tell you what is the best choice in non-fiction realms like lottery numbers to play, the Yoda force exception to all this is that I can question.  I can also hint and warn.  Sarcasm comes in handy too. And questions to make us think is what Iowa needs right now.

So with full disclosure with my flux capacitor confessions more questions ensue… Question #2: Is Branstad’s return really necessary? Question #3: Isn’t that a slam on the current GOP Gov. candidates if Branstad enters the race on a presumed Only-I-Can-Save-The-Day magic carpet fueled by a potential embroidered establishment cape?

First a bit of a personal recent rewind of time back to September: On the weekend gobs and gobs of people came to our nation’s capitol for the 9:12 tea party here in Iowa we had the IFPC hog roast.  Regretting not being able to make the DC trip to satiate my tea party passion, I attended and photographed the hog roast event in which Vander Plaats won decisively the straw poll.   Disgruntled I wasn’t with DC tea party patriots, I focused and really tuned into what all the Iowa gubernatorial candidates really had to say.

[youtube txMsK2mDdSc]

While I’ve been to many Vander Plaats events and the governor related forums where multiple candidates attend so far, the hog roast left a memorable taste in my mouth in the best of ways.  The food was good, but even more so the candidates did a great job communicating their message.  All four candidates in attendance gave excellent speeches.

Holding a copy of the constitution Rod Roberts spoke of freedom and the travesty of recent court and legislative fiascoes.  He promised he could help make a better Iowa. Bob Vander Plaats punctuated his main convictions on marriage while hammering away at many relevant topics. He addressed hot news topics like healthcare, illegal immigration, leadership themes and freedom issues.

Christian Fong introduced himself favorably by addressing the 300+ crowd with a personal testimony approach that resonated.  He branded himself as someone to listen to and not to count out somewhere in the future of Iowa politics. Christopher Rants admittedly broke away from his usual stump speech approach and spoke from the heart relaying stories of fighting on behalf of Iowa, while sharing heartfelt ties about his own family.  He closed that night emphasizing the need to be truthful.

These great speeches still echo in my mind.  I was encouraged by what I heard from all the candidates. And in fairness to Jerry Behn, who was absent at the hog roast, he brought up excellent points at the ISU college republicans event how to regain lost business opportunities for Iowa while touting great themes of freedom for Iowans.

[youtube G9azEX1rCCc]

So the questions keep rolling. I truly am asking a question I want answers to. (I personally have not lived in Iowa all my life with the time travels and all.)  So some please explain to me why a Terry Branstad sequel will fair Iowa better than the next Rocky movie sequel would.  I’m thinking just because you can do something doesn’t always mean you should.  It appears that the retirement return role may work for Brett Favre, but for Terry Branstad it may jeopardize and compromise more than Iowa should gamble.  This is far more important than a Monday Night Football game.

With all the fine men who have entered the race for governor its back to question #1. Why do we need Branstad now? Really? I know the comments section is going to light up here.  I can handle it.  I’m only asking the question that needs to be asked.  I’m following standard time travel rules here. It is after all October.  Dead leaves are starting to fall.

Question #4: So if there is an elephant in the room, why is Branstad the elephant? Let’s not pretend he’s the emperor with new clothes.  Let’s address all the issues before he officially goes out in public showing off his political robe that his custom tailors convinced him he should wear.  We all know that could backfire more in real life than fiction.

Back to question #3. Isn’t it somewhat of a slam from Branstad if he enters the race at all? Doesn’t Branstad say directly indirectly that the conservative colleague candidates currently on the block are not good enough for him?  Tell me that isn’t an insult to the record of Roberts, Behn and Rants.  Awkward moments will no doubt come.

This situation reminds me of a classic SNL sketch where Jimmie Fallon plays Nick Burns, your company’s computer guy who is the only one who can solve your basic computer problems.  Fallon’s character’s hook catch phrase, “Mooove,” was routinely given sarcastically to demean those who could not keep up with technology.  I wonder if Branstad’s return isn’t a skit ready to happen.

If the idea of a return for what seems to be the establishment’s choice for Branstad is the Republican Party’s answer then why not recall good ole George Herbert Walker Bush for the next Iowa Caucus?  While we are at it, let’s see if Ron Santo can get behind the plate for the Cubs.  Hey Springsteen can make an Iowa comeback at 60, but then again that is rock n roll and rock n roll has different rules.  Seriously I don’t get.  I don’t get the need to have Branstad back. Even though I’m a time traveler I don’t get it this time around.  Oh also in addition to questioning, hinting and warning I can also cast shadows of doubt and still not get my license taken away.

Let’s cut through the smoke and ask question #5: Would Branstad be the Republican Party’s answer or the establishment’s answer? Question #6: Ask yourself Iowa republican voter… Are you an establishment republican,a regular republican, a renewed republican or more of a TEApublican? Question #7: What would Branstad’s motives be to reenter after all these years?  Question #8: Who will be funding such an effort and why – (In other words what would they get out of it?) Hello Mcfly!

Yes, just as the return of Jesus is biblically prophesied, the return of Branstad is predicted too.  I think I knew it in August when Bob Vander Plaats spoke at a republican breakfast downtown Branstad was in the front row taking notes. (Actual moment pictured here.) Hint: Even though Bob’s material was good, no one else was taking notes.  Branstad is either a studious fan of Vander Plaats or he was researching his near future counterpoints to counter punch.

rpi breakfast (36)_opt

In my mind many thing go back to the Cubs. Yes the Cubs.  Just as Cub fans the last 100 years plus have waited for a world series victory every year, real fans have known for several weeks it’s not their year this time around as the division and wild card chances diminished quickly.  Cub fans are forced to keep their love in the nostalgia of the past where it belongs for this year. Branstad fans may want to place their love on the same type of souvenir shelf.

Timing is everything in politics.  Just ask Obama.  Question #9:  Who will be Iowa’s best Gop Gov. for such a time as this to defeat Chet Culver in 2010?  According to the latest poll data both Vander Plaats or Branstad would fair well against Culver.

For the sake of strategy put Vander Plaats and Branstad off to the side in your thinking for a moment. Once again factor in the number of great people already running. Now factor Vander Plaats back in too.  Do you envision a Branstad race too?  We will see as I bet Branstad and his inner circle will read this blog and the comments that follow.  Here is your chance to chime in.  Hey I didn’t start the fire. “It was always burning since the world has be turning.”  I’m just asking the questions remember.

Okay I should say that I do support Bob Vander Plaats for governor.  The many reasons I do will be in a future blog.  I personally think he is the best leader for such a time as this.  What do you think?  This blog is for you to reevaluate this entire situation and let the candidates know what you think now in October.

So  Question #10: Do you agree that the republican nominee will beat Culver?

If you think so then support who you think the best candidate will be to win the republican primary.  While you’re at it please Iowa keep this in mind.  Don’t kid yourself that Branstad is the only last great hope for the republican party of Iowa despite the media and message that may be coming your way soon.  If he enters he will be one of many and that is one point I will make, even in fear of being stuck in this time continuum.  I may not have been born in Iowa, but I wasn’t born yesterday.

The Republican Party of Iowa has clearly marketed itself as a young, up and coming vibrant solution… A rising star.   Without time travel or plastic surgery the Branstad option may not fit into the latest RPI branding.  Now that would be a quandary of a quarry to hammer out.

One thing is for sure, if planet Krypton unloads the Super B pod for Branstad to save Iowa’s day it will come with both cheers and jeers, bruises and blushes, big media and big money. No doubt an internal war to win the solution to the Republican Party’s identity crisis will be kicked up at notch.


I do know one thing from my time travels, such a battle’s fire will refine the very definition of the Republican Party in Iowa.  If Branstad’s arrival in the race prepares the way one way or another then I embrace it.  It may be the type of refinement we need to get ready for the 2012 national elections.  Hopefully this refinement process if fired up further will also help put the best person as the GOP nominee for governor of Iowa in 2010 to beat Culver. Republicans of all brands could then like Nick Burns the company computer guy say to Culver, “Mooove!”

Branstad & Culver photos & side shows also by Dave Davidson

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