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Ernst Discusses the Military’s Gender Integration Implementation Strategy

“I fully support providing women the opportunity to serve in any military capacity, as long as standards are not lowered [and] our combat effectiveness is maintained…implementation strategy must be fully developed, and meth...
by The Iowa Republican

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Cruz and Rubio Benefited from Iowa’s Caucus System

There were numerous articles published on Tuesday about the dynamic data operations that both the Cruz and Rubio campaigns employed to give them an edge on caucus night in Iowa. The Cruz data project is named the Oorlog project...
by Craig Robinson



Cruz Cruises to an Iowa Victory

Apparently Texas Senator Ted Cruz can win a high turnout caucus. Nearly 190,000 Iowans turned out to caucus on Monday night, far exceeding anyone’s wildest expectations. Cruz garnered an impressive 51,649 votes, making him th...
by Craig Robinson


Why I don’t Think Cruz will win Iowa

I don’t think Texas Senator Ted Cruz can win Iowa. As you have all seen on these pages before, I’m one of the few people who don’t think Cruz’s record matches the persona he’s built since running for the United States...
by Craig Robinson


Iowa Poll: What you see is what you get

The Des Moines Register’s Iowa Poll is one of the final pieces of information that caucus voters use to help make their final decision in determining who they will support on caucus night. It’s not that Iowans look to one s...
by Craig Robinson