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Cruz Flag

Cruz for President Announces $26.5 Million Raised Since Campaign Launch; $12.2 Million Raised in Q3

HOUSTON, Texas — The Cruz for President campaign today announced it has raised $26.5 million since its campaign launch six months ago, with just over $12.2 million coming in during the third quarter. The campaign showed s...
by The Iowa Republican


Trump’s Impending Demise has been Greatly Overstated

The media and Republican political establishment seem eager to push the narrative that Donald Trump’s presidential prospects are in decline, and his exit from the race is imminent.   Trump’s poll numbers may have dipped a...
by Craig Robinson



Chelgren to Challenge Loebsack in Iowa’s 2nd District

IOWA CITY – Iowa State Senator Mark Chelgren, R-Ottumwa, announced today he will seek the Republican nomination to challenge United States Congressman Dave Loebsack next November. “Our political leadership is on a dangerous...
by The Iowa Republican

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Ernst Questions President Obama’s Strategy in Afghanistan

U.S. Senator Joni Ernst appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s show Tuesday night to talk about General John Campbell’s testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Sen. Ernst accuses President Obama of deliberat...
by The Iowa Republican


The 50 Most Influential Iowa Republicans of the 2016 Caucus

The Des Moines Register’s list of the 50 most wanted Republicans in regards to the Iowa Caucuses has always bugged me since it was published last December. The list, compiled by the Register’s chief politics reporter Jennif...
by Craig Robinson